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logo - dmc DMC—Darryl McDaniels: July 2008
spacer logo - mtv MTV—VLES: November, 2007
spacer logo - aerosmith Aerosmith: June, 2001
spacer logo - wwf WWFWorld Wrestling Federation: February, 2001
spacer logo - artisan Artisan Entertainment—Blair Witch Project: October, 2000
spacer logo - coca cola Coca Cola—China: April, 2000
spacer logo - bt British Telecom: February, 2000
spacer logo - enewmedia e-New Media 3D Company Ltd.: January, 2000
spacer logo - gq GQ Magazine—1999 “Men of the Year”issue: December, 1999
spacerlogo - ny yankees New York Yankees—1999 “Men of the Year”issue: September, 1999
spacer logo - hanson Hanson—Fan Club MOE: May, 1999
spacerlogo - shinwon Shinwon Telecom: August, 1999
spacer logo - freeserve Freeserve: June, 1999
spacer logo - roadrunner Roadrunner: April, 1999
spacer logo - polygram Polygram Merchandising, Inc.: October, 1998
spacer logo - David Bowie David Bowie: July, 1998
spacer logo - Universal/HyundaiUniversal/Hyundai: June, 1998

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